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2.3 - Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity means honesty and responsibility in scholarship. The basic assumptions regarding student academic work at the University of Oklahoma are:

  1. Students attend the University of Oklahoma in order to learn and grow intellectually.
  2. Academic assignments exist for the sake of this goal and grades exist to show how fully the goal is attained.
  3. A student's academic work and grades should result from the student's own effort to learn and grow. Academic work completed any other way is pointless, and grades obtained any other way are fraudulent.

Academic integrity means understanding and respecting these basic truths, without which no University can exist. Academic misconduct violates the assumptions at the heart of all learning.  It destroys the mutual trust and respect that should exist between student and professor.  Academic misconduct is unfair to students who earn their grades honestly. (Faculty Handbook, 4.17)

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