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5.4 - Graduation Ceremony

Health Sciences Center students participate in commencement in Norman each spring.  Individual colleges hold convocations following commencement. Doctor of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy students have independent commencement ceremonies in the spring, and the Physician Associate and Assistant students have commencement ceremonies at the end of the fall semester. While there are no graduation exercises in August or December, diplomas are awarded three times a year.

Students completing degree requirements during the summer or fall semester may participate in the May graduation exercises the following year.  Students who will complete or expect to complete requirements prior to, or by the end of, the following summer session may also, with the academic dean’s permission, participate in the spring commencement.

All students graduating from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center must complete an Online Application for Graduation before a diploma will be issued. The online application must be accessed through the OUHSC Student Self-Service System and be submitted by the following deadlines:

March 1 – Spring Graduates

July 1 – Summer Graduates

October 1 – Fall Graduates

The responsibility for meeting graduation requirements lies with the student.  All students are advised to check with their College Student Affairs Office to verify that all degree requirements have been satisfied.

5.4.1 - Cap and Gown

Representatives from the Graduation and Persistence Support Office (GPS) on the Norman campus visit the Health Sciences Center prior to spring commencement so that students may purchase caps, gowns, and order graduation announcements.  Students are encouraged to contact their College regarding other vendors and dates the GPS Office will be at the Health Sciences Center.

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