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3.8.7 - Final Examinations

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education regulations require that those institutions that reserve the final week of the semester as a testing period shall ensure that all classes meet during the testing period. Final examinations are given at the discretion of the instructor, or, in the case of multiple sections, the department in which the course is offered. The current schedule for final exams is listed on the Office of Admissions and Records website.

When a final examination is given, the student must take the examination. If a final examination is given, no faculty member is authorized to depart from the published examination schedule for either a class or an individual without approval, as stated in the Faculty Handbook. Early final examinations are prohibited. Final Examination has been defined as follows: an examination that is comprehensive in nature or which accounts for a greater proportion of the final grade than an examination given during the semester. (President, 2-10-86) A student will not be expected to take more than two final examinations in one day. In cases where a student has three or more exams scheduled for the same day, instructors must offer make-up exams. The student’s number of exams will be brought down to two by the following procedure:

  1. 1. If a student has three or more exams on the same day, the instructor(s) giving the third and subsequent exams must provide make-up exams during the week designated for final exams for that semester;
  2. 2. The student must notify the instructor or department of the third and subsequent final exams scheduled within a single day. Such notification must be given to the specific instructor or department before the end of the twelfth week of classes (sixth week of the summer term).

In the event a conflict should arise from the scheduling of two or more final examinations at the same time, the student will attend the examination for the class that met first during the week, according to the student’s class schedule. The instructor(s) giving the second and subsequent exams must provide make-up exams during the week designated for final exams that semester.

Summer Final Examination Regulations

During the summer session, if a final examination is to be given, it must be administered during the final regular class period, or the final two class periods if additional time is required, as long as the final exam does not exceed two hours in length.

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