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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Student Handbook 2018-2019

3.6.1 - Auditing Courses

Audit enrollment is non-credit bearing and is used by students who want to take a class for information, not to count toward a degree.  Students enrolling as an auditor must meet guidelines as outlined below:

  1. Enrollment as an auditor is permitted in all courses, subject to the approval of the instructor(s) and the dean of the college in which the course(s) is offered.
  2. Initial enrollment as an auditor must be completed by the last day permitted for late enrollment for credit in any semester or term.
  3. Enrollment as an auditor is indicated with an “AU” or “W” grade on the student’s permanent academic record and no credit/clock hour value is designated.
  4. A change of enrollment from audit to credit may be made, provided the change is made no later than the end of the second week of classes in a regular semester or the first week of classes in a summer term with the instructor and college dean approval.
  5. A change of enrollment from credit to audit may be made during the first 10 weeks of classes in a semester or five (5) weeks of classes in a summer term, provided the student is passing in the course at the time the change is processed, and provided the student has received approval from the instructor.  A change of enrollment processed during the first 10 weeks of a semester or five (5) weeks of a summer term requires a report of progress from the student’s instructor.  A change of enrollment to audit supersedes the original enrollment for credit, and no withdrawal from the credit enrollment is posted on the student’s academic record.
  6. Fee charges and refund policies for audit enrollments are the same as for credit enrollments.  A student enrolled “exclusively” as an auditor may withdraw only during the fee refund period and the enrollment will be cancelled.  No entry will be made on the permanent academic record.

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