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2.21 - Teacher English Proficiency

Oklahoma Statute 70 O.S.§ 3224 and § 3225 (2001) provide that all instructors, including all graduate teaching assistants, now employed or being considered for employment at institutions within the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education shall be proficient in speaking the English language so that they may adequately instruct students. The University is required to evaluate its instructional faculty for oral, aural, and written fluency in the English Language and provide an annual report to the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of the Oklahoma Legislature by January 1 of each year setting forth certain English proficiency information.

A student may file a complaint of violation of this act with the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development at (405) 271-2332. The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development will investigate the complaint and report said complaint(s) and disposition to the State Regents annually.

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