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3.4.3 - In-State/Out-of-State Residency Policy and Petition

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is a state-supported institution of higher education supported by legislative funds derived from State of Oklahoma tax revenue. As a state tax-supported institution, the University gives preference in tuition pricing to residents of the State of Oklahoma.

The University’s definition of the term "resident" may be different from the definitions developed by other agencies or institutions. The University does not recognize declarations of resident status made by other agencies. Thus, a person who is an Oklahoma resident for tax or voting purposes is not necessarily a resident for The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center tuition purposes.  Mere assertion by a student such as checking “In-State” on the application for admission is insufficient.

The University follows the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Policy Statement on Residency Status for Tuition Purposes. The full text of the policy can be found in Section 3.18 of the Oklahoma State Regents Policy and Procedures Manual.

The OUHSC Office of Admissions and Records is authorized to make determinations for in-state/out-of-state classification for its individual students, either at the time of initial application, or as the result of a petition for in-state residency.  If you have any questions regarding residency status or the petitioning process, contact or call (405) 271-2359.

Petition for Oklahoma Residency Form

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