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3.6.4 - Enrollment Instructions

Enrollment forms and class schedules are in departmental offices and on the Admissions & Records website.  Students should report to their departmental office to begin enrollment unless notified of more specific instructions. GRADUATE UNCLASSIFIED students should report to the Graduate College office to begin enrollment. Students enrolling as "SPECIAL" or "AUDITORS" must report to the College for admission and to begin enrollment.

A student who enrolls in a course without proper approval or who does not observe course prerequisites will be withdrawn from the course and refunded fees according to University policy. Refer to the college catalog, the offering department, or the Office of Admissions and Records for information concerning permission and prerequisites.

PLEASE NOTE! Students attempting to enroll as a Special Student after 5 p.m. on the last day of open enrollment are considered late; therefore, a $50 late enrollment fee is assessed to the student.

For assistance, please contact your College or the Office of Admissions and Records at (405) 271-2359.

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