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3.8.9 - Leave of Absence

Students may request a leave of absence.   The major department and the College must approve a leave in advance, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent this.  The leave cannot be granted retroactively.

Graduate students must obtain approval from the Graduate College dean.  Students who are granted a leave of absence are allowed to remain out of school for no more than one academic year.  If a student does not re-enroll within the one-year period, an additional leave of absence must be granted or the student will be required to be re-admitted before enrolling again.   For example, if a student completes the fall term and is granted a leave of absence for spring, summer, and fall semesters, enrollment will be required by the next spring semester.

A Leave of Absence has no effect on time limits for completion of degree requirements.  Students receiving financial aid are required to contact the Financial Aid Office for information on Return of Title IV funds because of a temporary interruption in the student’s program of study.

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