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3.4.4 - Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer Credit is approved when courses completed from previous institutions of higher education may be used to fill a prerequisite or to meet a general education requirement. To help in your educational planning, the University of Oklahoma Office of Admissions has developed course equivalency tables for the two-year and some four-year institutions in Oklahoma. Transfer courses that do not have an exact OU equivalent, but have been approved for general education credit, also appear on this list.

Courses that have no OU equivalent will transfer to the University and often can be applied toward a degree. The course may substitute for required courses or transfer as elective credit. The degree-granting college will evaluate all transfer courses for equivalency and determine how each course will apply toward the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center degree. If a transfer course has not been approved for equivalency previously, it is necessary to begin the petition process with a completed Petition for Transfer Course Review Form and syllabus. The instructions and mailing address are included on the form. Use one form for each course to be reviewed.

Upon receipt, the Office of Admissions and Records, in accordance with the current University of Oklahoma course evaluator guidelines, will review the petition content and the course syllabus for equivalency to the corresponding OU course. The Office of Admissions and Records may approve or deny equivalency, or recommend the course be considered for substitution by the degree-granting college. Once a determination is made by the University, the petitioner will be notified.

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