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3.7 - Extra-Institutional Learning

Students desiring to seek college credit for a course by examination may obtain an application for the Advanced Standing Examination from their college. Undergraduate Allied Health and undergraduate Nursing students may obtain the application in his/her Student Affairs office. The student must complete and submit the form, with payment, to their college Student Affairs office.  At that time, a student affairs official verifies the student's academic record to ensure that the student is eligible to take the examination(s), then obtains the appropriate signatures. Student Affairs then forwards the payment to the Bursar's Office and makes arrangements with the academic department and the student for a time and place for the examination. Following the examination, the results will be noted on the form, which will then be forwarded to Admissions and Records.

Institutional charges for evaluating advanced standing will be based on the actual costs of administering the evaluations. Contact the appropriate Student Affairs office to ascertain this cost.

Advanced Standing Credit awarded to a student at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center must be validated by successful completion of (12) twelve or more upper division credit hours specified by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center degree program before being placed on the student’s official transcript. The neutral grade of satisfactory "S" will be assigned to credit earned through departmental advanced standing examinations.

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